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Hi, I'm Adrienne. My son just went off to college and I guess I've got the empty nest syndrome lately... It's so quiet in the house now, especially since my husband is always away on business trips. I noticed you as I was helping my son unpack at his dorm... I saw you carrying your boxes up the stairs with those strong, young arms and couldn't help but feel moist in my lace thong. My eyes then moved down towards your crotch, under your Abercrombie jeans... all I could think about was your throbbing cock between my thighs. The more I thought about you, the closer I came to creaming myself right then and there! I know you saw me. I could feel your eyes on my succulent tits, but when I looked over at you, you looked away. What a naughty boy you are.

Now, lying here on my bed, I think it best that you take a little trip to visit me. Or maybe I should find your dorm room next time on campus. Maybe we can have a private, one-on-one, class. I'd love to be your private tutor and I think you'd be quite the eager stud...I mean, student. I bet that cock hasn't been thoroughly pleased by the little coeds I've seen: it takes a much older, more experienced teacher to really satisfy a college cock like yours and my kinky cunt quivering can make you cum quarts!

Are you one of those frat boys who misbehave? I know all about that and I know just how to punish naughty jocks: Greek lessons. I'll strap on my 10 inch black mamba dildo and teach you a lesson you won't soon forget. If you like hazing and paddles so much, just wait until I've got you bent over a keg and I'm spanking your firm little rump with my man-tamer.

Learning can be fun, can't it? Now, why don't you just give Mrs. Robinson (oops, I meant Ms. Adrienne) a call.

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