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Beautiful Real Life Domme-37-34-35 Let Me Do this

I HAVE RETURNED FROM HURRICANE KATRINA AND I WANT YOUR MONEY NOW!!!!.............I need to rebuild and restore much. I expect you WILL do this for Me, my little moneypiggies!
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I am a perfect 36C, 24in waist, 34in tight, rounded, 2 high dimples on my hips, YOU WOULD BEG TO SEE, slavebait!

I have a face that has been painted, by request, in France, the USA, Canada, Germany, and Britain. I go to RubberBall in Amsterdam when I have the time.
This is hand-written by a kneeling little submissive who wants to be my slave boi, and he won't be for a long time, as this one has to EARN it. Would you like a similar position?
Wouldn't YOU like to be him? TELL ME! ASK ME! BE ON YOUR KNEES when you call me. submissive to be is an elevated status. I love luxury. I deserve luxury and I want IT! ------ AS I AM A LIFESTYLE PROFESSIONAL Dominatrix who is World Traveled And EXXXperienced IN KINK, FETISHES, Bootworship, sissyfication, Queening, Bondage and Discipline, Financial Domination and Orgasm Control and Orgasm RELEASE!! FUN STUFF!!

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AND SINCE, I am a Professional Dominatrix of many years (15 yrs) IN THE REAL WORLD, I would love to explore your sweetest, darkest and deepest fantasies! I love High Heels, Stockings, Leather, LACE and Lingerie! THESE COST MONEY DEARS! ALOT OF MONEY.....NEEDED-REQUIRED

EXXpensive LEATHERs, Gloves, LACE, PORTRAITS, Rubberware at demask and BOOTS, not to Mention Photographers and Webdesigners. FEED ME. I do so DEMAND IT. Corsets are NOT free, neither ARE PLANE TICKETS!!
I NEED TO TRAVEL!>>>>>>NOW!$$PANKINGS are AN ART form, let me SPANK YOU tenderly, lol!

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I have beautiful Feet and long DARK DARK RED hair to Die for, soft and silky! So pretty is my skin and so opalesscent white is my body. My hands are manicured perfectly and I have a Wonderful smile and a Laugh to make you melt!

YOU will wish to OBEY....and to SERVE BY GIVING IT ALL!!! $$$$$$$$$$$ and YOUR release NOW.

I look sweet, but can get wickedly stern. Let me EXPLORE YOUR deepest darkest self. I have no problem DIRECTING the conversation if you are Shy. PAY FOR IT, BEG FOR IT!

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Kindly, Mistress Vixen

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I love the POET, the SLAVE, the PowerBroker, and the lilboy headspace within you! KNOW THAT!
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