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your Money into MY Bank Account

Maybe you have money to blow. Or maybe you don't. It doesn't matter to me.

Maybe you are dirt poor and went to give plasma just to earn $30 to pay for your next meal. Too bad. You don't need to eat. You need to send that money to ME.

Maybe you make six or seven figures a year. I don't care. I am not impressed with how much money you make. What impresses me is how MUCH of that money you give to ME!

And it will only impress me for a short while. Because there are always going to be other money piggies wanting to send me their hard-earned cash, and in order for me to pay you any attention, you will have to regain my favor by sending me more.

So start now, and make it worth my while. Do not waste my time. My time Your time spent pleasing me by buying me what I want, or just sending me the cash to do so. I have a long shopping list. Start filling up my cart.


DID YOU KNOW: I made the February 2011 Cover of BIG BUTT MAGAZINE? It's true! I also got a centerfold, pictorial, and interview. Here are some photos that did not make the magazine from that photo shoot. After you've drooled over them, call me here on Niteflirt so I can take you over the edge with them!

Photos showcasing my bodacious lily white bubble butt PHAT AZZ!

Photos showcasing my luscious 40DD tits!

Photos showcasing my very juicy pink parts!