Phone Sex

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The life of a Queen is one of constant adoration, even temperedness, benevolence, esteme and elegance. I am a Lady through and through. What I am not: I am not a giggling succulent young thing. My voice is low, smokey and smooth, with just a hint of rasp to it. If you wish to have a conversation with someone who is younger then might I suggest that you spend your money elsewhere on one of the other lovely and gorgeous young Maidiens that call Nite Flirt their home. However, with that said, if you wish me to be that way for a short amount of time, I will comply to your wishes, but please do not expect me to answer the phone in such a manner. If you do chose to call me, there are some rules of my domain so to speak. They are as follows: If respect is given, then it shall be returned in kind. Please do not degrade, humiliate, nor demean me in any way at the start of the call. If you are a Dominant, then I would be happy to play the submissive to you, but please give me the courtesy of telling me such within the first couple seconds of the call so I better know what to expect. The length of call is up to you, but as a courtesy to you; if you so desire; you may tell me how long you wish to speak for, and I will time our call and gently remind you when we have a few minutes left. I do not wish to 'rip' anyone off, I love what I do and have been enjoying this type of vocation for years. I pride myself on the ability to use my words to bring to your mind a picture so real you can feel every single nuiance that I bring to light with my words. I am open to any fantasy as long as it falls into the Nite Flirt TOS. If you try to bring your fantasy to life with me, and it is clearly stated in the TOS that this type of call is not allowed, I will excuse myself from the conversation and politely hang up the phone after wishing you a safe journey. Now, let me address the pricing of my listing. Some will think it high, and to you I wish to explain my reasoning behind it. I consider myself to be a very capable and a very hard working Queen. One who takes pride in her work, and uses all my imagination for you. This is valuable, and should be treated as such. To put it another way, I am Park Avenue, not Shady Lane. For quality you pay, just like you do for anything else in life. I look forward to speaking to you, wishing you a safe journey. Queen Alexia