Phone Sex

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I am the queen bitch ready to make you feel so small. I do it to all around and listen. I have made the most dominant of men grovel at my feet ready to make me feel like a princess. Shopping, money, trips to the spa I deserve all this and I love having you give it too me. I can get these things for myself with no effort, its not needing money from you it the need to take your money, rule your world, and leave you gasping for breath. There is no sugar-coating it for your candy ass or anyone elses.

This is an ignore line for my pleasure. My need to take everything from you and then bleed you some more. It amuses me like nothing else.

You have to understand that you want to call me, to listen to me talk to others or simply say nothing to no one.....especially you.I block repeat 1 minute boys, you are a waste of the effort to pick up the phone. When you wake me to listen to me sleep do not be pissed that I did not talk to you, your lucky you can hear me breathing. I need to be spoiled by your pathetic wimp ass. I can't wait to get in your head and mess you up for life.Y ou my pathetic worm need to show your devotion any way you can.