Phone Sex

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I feel you watching, I know you're stroking....


I am the one in your building. The one you watch through the slit between your curtains,or through your mini blinds. Watching me get in and out of my car,watch dates come pick me up and hear the tinkling of my laughter as I share a private joke.

Watch me out on my deck getting sun,rubbing oil all over my body, that little peeny in your hand, thinking about all the things you'll never get to do.
I know you're watching, I always take extra time rubbing that oil on my thighs, going higher and higher, inch by inch
I know you think about my hands being replaced with your hands and tongue...rubbing all over me.
You're too shy to wave to me, knowing I am out of your league.
But you watch and you dream. I am your dreamgirl.
You watch me come home with men, see us go in my door, you watch the lights go dim.
Strain to hear the music coming from my place..imagining all the yummy things he's doing to me.

Then you see the bedroom light go know where my bedroom light is, you go outside and watch that light.
We're in there, you can hear me laugh.
It's so hard there between your legs.
The light goes out and you know I am having his tongue on me, I am being kissed and licked all over....

But in your world.... I'll ALWAYS be the girl next door.

I'm a hot, sexy, wild, brunette, who enjoys teasing guys like you. I have a soft sexy voice........that will get you so hard.
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