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Slave Training: You will Obey Elena

I am a curvaceous young dominant located in Sydney, Australia, with a deep and driving cruel streak. A sadist and humiliatrix with a deadly smile, I have several years experience working in Sydney's best BDSM Houses, and have trained under some of the most experienced and talented Mistresses in Australia. I live my kink every day: many a slave has cowered at my feet, worshipped my boots, and surrendered to my strap-on cock.

I can be playful and erotic, or strict and harsh, and I draw great pleasure from the connection I make with a submissive or a slave when I engage them in session. I have a passion for combining the erotic with the bizarre, and love nothing more than watching a slave squirm for me, in person or on cam.

Trust me with your fantasies and let me bring them to life. Trust me with yourself and know that you will emerge from the experience ultimately satisfied with your time under my control. I will explore your deepest and darkest desires and you will beg me for more.

I take great pride in making a slave my own and teaching him how to please me with every last detail of their servitude. Your every action should be performed for my enjoyment: what I order you to do you will eagerly embrace, and what I demand you abstain from you will shun with all your might.

My interests include:

  • Discipline, domestic discipline and corporal punishment. Whether in a Dungeon or over my knee in the sitting room, I delight in discipline, and have been the cause of many a sore bottom throughout Australia.
  • Humiliation. I relish your discomfort as I force you to degrade and debase yourself entirely for my amusement. Small cock, small man and cuckold fantasies are particular favourites. You may find yourself performing a blatantly ridiculous role for me, engaging in activities that belittle and insult you, or simply cringing in the face of a torrent of carefully selected and enunciated verbal abuse. Rest assured that whatever self-respect you believe you may have when you enter my dungeon will be methodically stripped from you by the time you are permitted to slither away
  • Role Play and Fantasies. One of my greatest joys in domination is the knowledge that I have not only succeeded in becoming the embodiment of an erotic fantasy, but have made that fantasy my own. I love getting into both a costume and a role, and delight in the sheer psychological mindfuck that can occur when a closely held fantasy is made real.
  • Bondage, restraint and mummification.
  • Torture and pain play. As a sexual sadist I love getting creative with pain and finding new and exciting ways to bring tears to a slave's eyes. I take great pride in helping a slave push the limits of their pain tolerance, as well as in introducing those new to BDSM to the joys of erotic agony.
  • Foot, shoe and boot fetish. I am a genuine shoe and boot fetishist, and find all forms of foot, shoe and boot related Domination extremely arousing.
  • Anal training. The penetration of a slave by my strap-on cock is an act of pure sexual dominance. Sessions range from light and erotic anal play to extended slut training. I also love watching as my sluts put on anal fuck shows for me.
  • Crossdressing and Forced Feminisation. I adore playing dressups with others as well as myself, and love watching as a female form is created out of the willing flesh of my subs... whether that form is an elegant lady or a tarty, slutty strumpet.

Above all, I delight in Role Play and Slave Training. Slave Training can be the basis for a single session, or can be built up through continued sessions into a deep and long term dynamic between Mistress and slave.

Nothing turns me on more than true subservience and submission.