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I don't really look all that evil do I?
Well, here's what to expect when you
call! I need you for a JOB, a very very
serious will need to be a very
good boy, you'll need to fluff His cock.
Now when I say that, I mean I need you
to get His cock as hard as possible for
me to ride Him like the stallion He is!
He won't even look at you, He will be
watching me get ready to FUCK, He
will of course feel your presence while
you suck His cock and play with His
balls, but He will not look at you. You
are WAY beneath that. When His cock
is nice and hard, you will back off. You
will not leave the room, you will sit in
the CORNER and keep your eyes and
ears OPEN. SO what comes next?!?


This is where the fun begins!

you...hahaha!!! you...will sit in your
corner with your hands under your
ass (no touching!) I lower my
beautiful pussy onto His very erect
cock (thanks, sissy!). As I climb on
I'll glance in your direction, you'll
feel my pleasure, you'll feel His pleasure
as well, how could you not!? I'll slowly
ride His cock, up and down, up and
down, He's moaning, it feels so good!
He will glance over at your pathetic
ass and we'll both laugh at your sorry
whimpering, but it feels SO GOOD to
know that I'm being satisfied, you are
so conflicted! You want to tough your-
self, but that is a HUGE no-no.

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