Phone Sex

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$$$Give me your money! Emily's Ignore Line$$$

I'm blonde I'm beautiful and I'm so much better than you! I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know though am I?

You know how pathetic and disgusting you are, looking at pics of me, stroking and drooling! That's why I've created this line. Because you honestly know that you're not worth my time. And you're such a dirty little wanker boy, I know you'll call me. You're just dying to hear my sexy sweet voice. How can someone with the voice of an angel be so devious you may wonder. But that makes it even better doesn't it? You call and hope that maybe, just maybe you'll get more than just a "hello" from me. Maybe you'll get to hear a giggle or a laugh as I talk to my friends on the phone, or type to them online. Or listen to music and sing along. Maybe I'm painting my cute lil toenails. Maybe I'm having real phone sex with some hot guy with a nice big cock, who IS worthy of my attention.

You're nothing to me. And if you want it otherwise you'd better spend a hell of a lot on me. Maybe I'll let you buy me gifts. Who knows maybe I'll get bored enough to tell you how pathetic you are and laugh at how you're so addicted to me and wanking all your money away. giggles.

Come on little piggy be my atm! Spend all your money on Princess Emily.