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Mistress Mercy's Cuckold Island


Your Goddess has an extra special surprise for you! But first, you must put on this blindfold, you can’t see where we are going ahead of time. That would ruin the surprise, and I hate it when my plans are ruined. You do not want me displeased, do you?

You feel me grab your hand as the door creaks open. You hear the blaring music coming from the speakers. You know you are in your Mistresses house, but why? What's the big secret? What's the surprise of being in your Goddess' home? You think to yourself….maybe I have finally proved myself. Maybe I am going to get the honor of providing pleasure to my Goddess. Maybe she is finally going to allow me inside her, thus far, unobtainable pussy. Your heart beats with anticipation, your small pathetic hard on pressing against your pants... I remove the blindfold from your face. Your jaw drops open, a mixture of shock and awe. Standing before you are 3 well endowed men, wearing nothing but smiles and collars.

 Let me explain something, my pet. This is my stable, my group of slaves who are, shall we say, “man” enough to satisfy my desires. Your disappointment is noticeable…. I laugh cruelly. Surely you didn’t think that your pathetic little man-clit would ever be worthy of satisfying me? Now watch, and be a good little slave and I might let you have some cream pie for dessert.

This is just one of many fantasies that you can explore with your Mistress. Maybe you have fantasies of your Mistress being pleased by cocks that make you look like a tic-tac. Maybe you fantasize about those hot men you just KNOW your wife is fucking when she comes home late. Give me a call…silly little cuckie….we will find your weakness!


Yes, your Queen is a gamer! Right now I am actively playing World of Warcraft. If you would like to join your Queen in Azeroth, click the button! You can join me on my server, or….for a hefty fee…. I can join you on yours. This button gives access to my server and character name.