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Mysterious Stranger

Looking for the Girlfriend Experience?

Feelings of passion and infatuation can be as addicting as any drug.

We feel beautiful, sexy, interesting, and loved. We get rushes of adrenaline every time we replay a passionate scenario in our mind.

The thumping heart, the fluttering in the stomach, the emotional intensity....

During the initial stages of a relationship we don't have to eat or sleep. We forget our pain, our sadness, our work, stress, and responsibility. Special hormones race through our veins and we are on TOP of the world.

Looking for the Girlfriend Experience?

Tell me about your day, the good and the bad. Tell me what you like. What makes you happy and sad. Tell me ALL your passions and just MAYBE I'll play.

I want to tease and deny you.. but sometimes I want to give in. Isn't that what Girlfriends do? Tease and denial is the natural way of things!

Let's Recapture the Passion

You and me. As you can see, I provide no REAL photos of myself. All I want to be is a voice on the line to capture your imagination. Let's just "MindFuck" each other. If you have been willing to read this far, that means you are the type of person I am looking to connect with.

I am not looking for a man who becomes some monkey brain the second he sees an erotic picture and calls without reading anything in a girl's profile. I am looking for someone like you... someone.. who believes in TRUE passion. Someone willing to build me up as much as I want to build him up.