Phone Sex

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Well!!! Here you are again. Cruising the net trying to find someone to help you get off.

You’ve probably just had another night where everything was going fine… until you dropped your pants!!

What did you expect her to do, give you a blowjob??? It really is impossible to suck cock when you’re laughing your ass off. That’s right, I know the only reason you’re checking me out is because it’s the closest you’re going to get to being laid today. You know as well as I do no self-respecting woman is going to be able to keep a straight face when she sees that pencil dick blowing in the breeze. The fact that you’ve made it to the second paragraph shows you’re a pathetic little weasel.

Any man with a REAL cock would have moved on by now. But not you…you know I’m telling the truth. You can’t deny that you have a shriveled little pee pee. Oh, I know you like to play with it…ALL the time. What do you think… you can stretch it? Do you think that if you yank it enough you can make it last longer then a snowball in hell. Not a chance!!! It’s not something you can practice. You’ve either got it or you don’t…and you definitely don’t.