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Mindfcktress Kara

Heartless young Choctaw Domme Teases & Tramples U

My favorite kind of sub? It's not the drooling, shiny-eyed, overly-analytical waste of flesh that manages to over-eroticize EVERYTHING. Fuck, that's fun..but way too easy!!

I like the type that's good for something, good for a lot of things...but can't quite get over a few times in their life when there was nowhere to look but down.

Maybe you watched your prom date walk away, laughing with your best friend because he had the beer and no curfew. You had to be up for Church the next day, just like Mommy and Daddy home by 1 am for you! Can you still hear her high heels? What color were her toes, I bet you could pick out the exact shade at Trade Secret!

Think back to a time when you had a job that you really needed, but weren't quite everything they needed. Watching your female boss, legs crossed, dangling one black pump from her sheer, black pantyhose covered foot. You already knew what was coming. It was way too much for you to look at her eyes while she rattled off all of your weaknesses, so you just focused on that shoe dangling carelessly off of her big toe.

Sometimes, there's nowhere to look but down...