Phone Sex

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The game is quite simple really.... I am in search of the BIGGEST loser, I mean the dorks that are at the bottom of the loser totem pole! Is it you? Hahahhahahah. Do girls completely ignore your sorry ass when you enter a room, as if you were invisible? When you do work up the courage to open your mouth in front of a hotchick, do you find that she is only half listening, if at all, while you are hanging on Her every word? Yes? Well then you might actually be good at this game and might actually win something in your pathetic life! This is how this game is played... I will pick up the phone when it rings and confirm that you are indeed a big ol loser and dork that wants to play, that I would not give you the time of day in real life, and the only way you can get a pretty girl to even acknowledge you is if you are paying by the minute and only for a few seconds. I will then go about My day doing whatever I happen to be doing at the time of the call. Hahahhahahhaha. Then you stay on as long as that stiffy between your legs compels you to, then after the call, ya simply write in your feedback how many minutes ya stayed on. Hahahahhahahah.