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Madam Confessor

Do you think I'd speak to you for free?

Dream on, worm. This is the only way a loser like you can expect to speak to a smart, witty, beautiful woman like me. I'm well-bred, well-travelled and well-educated and I'm only here to drain your wallet. How does it feel to have your wallet drained? Does it feel like your balls are being drained too? Every dollar that drips from your wallet is like a drop of jizz pumping out of your cock. Feel those dollars pumping directly into my account. Feel that cock pumping out that jizz...

If you've seen my other listings and read my feedback, you will know that my other gentlemen callers are treated with respect - whatever their kinks and idiosyncracies. You, however, will only be respected for what you can do for me. In this particular area of Hell respect must be PURCHASED.

On your knees, bitch, and beg me to take your money - then I might let you describe how you'd please me if I'd let you. I love having my feet licked and sucked, my arsehole probed with your tongue. I'd also like to see you having your throat ravaged by my stud's massive cock - but you'll have to prove your generosity first.

Want to know what turns me on - what makes me REALLY hot? Well it's not the size of your dick is it? It's the size of that big, fat, meaty wallet. The more you pay, the hotter I get. Face it - it's the only way you could make a woman like me hot...

Just to reiterate, this is what I expect from you:

  1. Large tributes and/or gifts;
  2. Vivid descriptions of how worthless you are and how wonderful I am;
  3. Pictures of yourself that I can use against you;
  4. Good ratings and feedback every time you call.

In return, you'll hear my beautiful English voice praising you for being such a good boy. Maybe I'll reward you with a good fucking from my strap-on (I'll make you suck it first - and then after, too!). Well worth the money - don't you agree? Let's face it, how else are you going to get that?

You are on notice. Govern yourself accordingly.

Too much of a loser to speak to me live? Listen to my recordings and send me a tribute. Then maybe I'll accept a call from you...

For sissyboys

For those of you with more money than sense

If I'm not available, you can buy My pics to keep you happy in the meantime. Three for $10.00.