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Helpless Hypnotized Hottie

Take control - use hypnosis to make me obey you

I'm a slutty girl who craves hypno-domination! Ever since I became a hypno-slut, I've had an intensely deep craving for hypnosis. There's just something about submitting my body over to YOUR control that gets me very hot. When I hear you start telling me to relax and listen to your voice, my mind begins to surrender to your desires. As you continue, not only will I become very obedient, but I'll start to get horny for you. By the time you've taken me deep into hypnosis, you will have total control over my thoughts, my actions, my pleasure, and my pain. I will be your actual sex slave. Please use, abuse and take advantage of my willing nature, and make me obey you. The more control you exert over me, the hornier and hornier I'll get for you.

If you've never had any hypnotic training before, you can use this $20 hypnotic induction written by Hypnotic Guy. He has programmed me to go very deeply with this induction, and I respond to certain words and phrases in it. All you'll have to do is read the induction to me in a calm, even toned voice... and soon I will be yours, all yours. Then, do as you will with me. Push my limits, take me to my breaking point. Command me to obey you and fulfill your every carnal desire! I won't say no. Hypnotic Guy says I'm VERY suggestible, and anything you suggest to me under hypnosis becomes my reality when I wake up. So, use me to get yourself off good. And if I do a good job, maybe you'll let me cum.


Won't you please hypnotize me and have your way with me? I promise to do everthing you tell me to!