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Goddess Princess

Selfish, Spoiled High Maintenance Fetish Model!

>The Princess's Rules:
  • Have your wallet ready for a RAPING like you've never had!
  • Don't be cheap, PRINCESS hates cheap pig losers
  • Do what you are told, when you are told
  • Don't whine about it, I don't care
  • Send Me your hard earned money, afterall it really is MINE anyway
  • Get another job if you have to, or two or three!
  • Sell your house and move into an aparment if you have to or move into a smaller apartment
  • Eat pb&j sandwiches at every meal if you must so I can dine on Fresh Lobster or Filet Mignon at 5 Star restaurants. Because again, I don't care
Selfish, Spoiled, High Maintenance, Diva Princess!

Now that we have the basic rules straight...remember the most important! Which is, I am THE Princess! I am the Most spoiled rotten, greedy, selfish and high maintenance Diva Princess you will EVER meet!

I am young, hot, beautiful, creative and diabolical. I am cunning and an expert at taking every penny you have! I love MONEY, YOUR MONEY; and I will stop at NOTHING to get it!

I have LOTS of pictures of Me scantily dressed in daisy dukes and bikinis...And so much more...but if you want them, you will pay for them!

I cannot stand cheap men. So don't bother Me or waste My precious time if you are one of those.

I will expertly find out everything I need to know about you to take you for everything you are worth! I don't care about you or your nasty cock. I don't care about your family, your job, your bills, or your mother. I don't care about your little fantasies and desires...I care about ME, ME AND MORE OF ME! I don't want to hear that you can't afford to send Me money and gifts...that's a load of crap, tell it to your wives, fiances and girlfriends! Don't bother Me if you are poor. I have no use for you!

Just because I want to know about your fantasies, fetishes and desires, doesn't mean that I care a fuck about them. I only want to know them so I can use them to get you to hand over your HARD EARNED CASH!

Crap like you pays for MY house, MY car, MY bills, MY clothes and MY vacations and whatever else I desire...its all about ME, ME, ME! you are a worm, a lowlife loser who NEEDS and CRAVES to have a beautiful woman like myself take advantage of you. you are not worthy of the spit on the ground or the shit on my heels...which by the way, you should be licking off, you little ingrate!

Pay to have My Beautiful, Long, Princess Nail done at My salon


Pay to have My Beautiful, Soft, Sensuous Princess feet and toe-nails pedicured at My salon


Send The Princess on a VERY MINI Shopping Spree


Send The Princess a gift to show how much you admire and want to worship Her


Make The Princess's Mercedes Payment, you lucky little pathetic loser!


Donate to The Princess's BMW Fund! Princess Wants 2 New BMW's...And What Princess Wants, Princess Gets!


Pay The Princess's Castle Mortgage! My mortgage is $1800, so send twice, loser.


I love to make men like you beg to send your CASH to Me. I love to humiliate you and degrade you. I absolutely love knowing that I am going to dig DEEP into your pockets while you are parading around for Me like a girl, or cumming or pissing in your own face.

Send me a gift fool. And if you want MY attention, don't you dare be CHEAP!

Call me NOW to be bled completely dry!