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Tyreanne's Torture Chamber Cum and Play!!!!!

Bi-sexual Vampire Girl with a Lust for Blood. A True Experienced Sadist. Professional Body Peircer and Erotic Performance Artist. Some of the things I am into are CBT, Spanking, Extreme Bondage, Mummification, Suspension, Vampirism, Cutting, Branding, Piercing, Scarification, edge play and knife play.

Although most of the things listed are extreme, I am not insane and play to the limits of my partners....I do not expect my subs to endure pain unless it is mutually consented and is a part of our journey accross the limits that we are exploring during a scene. I am a fetish expert and love to explore the sensual side of DS as well.

Looking through the eyes of a sadist, I justify my actions through my desires, and you will obey. Sought out by your passions and interests of the lifestyle, I may “allow” you to enter into my world. A world without boundaries, a world which tells you the truth, one which finds your weaknesses and your strengths and builds upon those to allow you to become whole again. We seem to come into this world full of fear, afraid and filled with abandonment issues that never seem to dissipate. The connection between pleasure and pain, reality and fantasy, master and servant dissolves those fears and voids by translating the energy between those two that share the decision to connect through physical, spiritual, mental and emotional stance. I've "chosen" to share my ability with very few and they have deserved it.. will you be my next student? or victim???

I teach workshops for Dominants and submissives and I do training of all kinds. I am part of Dungeon Servitus in San Diego. I am looking for other Non-Vanilla souls who want to explore life and test limits.