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Not much of a man, are you? That's ok, I may have a few uses for you and your tiny cock yet!

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1. I...
a. Am too small to satisfy a woman, but I've tried
b. Am addicted to cock
c. Thrive on utter humiliation
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2. I am wearing...
a. Panties
b. Stockings
c. All of the above
d. None of the above... Princess must force me

3. My dicklet is only (insert pathetic number here) inches long.

4. I want to...
a. Watch Princess get fucked by a real man
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a. It's all about Princess
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d. It's all about Princess

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Jewel's Rules:

Try to make yourself useful and follow a few simple rules to make Princess happy!
  1. You will address Me as "Princess" or "Princess Jewel".
  2. You will treat Me as your superior, because, well, duh.
  3. You will beg Me to emasculate you, humiliate you, cuckold you, wallet rape you, force you to suck off My boyfriend, dress you like a whore or whatever else will addict you to Me.
  4. You will relinquish all control of your silly cock and all of your masculinity and hand it happily over to Me.
  5. If you have a request, you will ask Me nicely. I am usually happy to oblige, especially since your requests tend to reveal your weaknesses to Me... and I love using them against you to make you squirm.
  6. You will relax, let go and enjoy yourself... I enjoy your perverted little fetish too!

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