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It is late and as I sit here alone in the dark, my mind drifts to thoughts of You and what an amazing man you are. How the softest whisper of Your voice , telling me what you want to do to me causes me to tremble with anticipation that has eluded me for years. I am all to aware of fact that your very presence permeates my body and soul and that you are in all probability one of the few Masters with the ability to successfully dom me and command my respect. I am in awe of your ability to control my body , bringing me to orgasm touching me only with your voice. I have waited patiently for a very long time for you to come into my life and possess me, taking what is rightfully yours. I stand before you, stripped of clothing, inhibition and pride....filled with desire, wanting only to bring you pleasure and happiness . You need only ask of me whatever it is you wish to receive, as I will serve you well. You will not be disappointed. I kneel before You, a humble slave, blindfolded ,waiting to hear your voice command my next move. My senses are numb to everything except you and I am acutely aware of your presence towering over me. I do not need to see you to know that you are here with me, watching me, delighting in the knowledge that I am helpless in your presence. Yes my Master, I am yours...You own body, soul and me and I am content with things as they are, as this is how it should be. I sense you moving towards me as Your body nears mine. I ache to feel the warmth of Your flesh press against mine and I know it won't be long now until I feel You in my mouth.........licking You.........sucking You.......tasting Your sweet cum, bringing You to the place where You feel You can wait no longer for Your own release as You use my body for Your own pleasure.. I want to reach for you, to touch you and run my fingers softly across your stomach. But I am unable to do so as You have bound my hands behind me. You entwine Your fingers in my hair, pushing my face to Your cock...holding me there as You rock back and forth, forcing Your cock deeper into my throat and i anticipate the warm gushing of Your cum,only You don't i hate Your self control as all i want is to pleasure You now, but i must wait. Pulling me up by the hair, You stand me in front of You, ordering me to remain still while my body screams out in need as You rub my nipples between Your fingers, delighting in how they harden at Your command. As you bite each one i tremble with the uncontrollable passion that You have incorporated into my very soul. I feel as if I will surely die without the release of an orgasm as i become increasingly aware of the wet place between my legs and i can feel my own juices begin to trickle down the inside of my thigh and i arch my body to meet yours. How i need to feel the release that I know being with You will offer. But again You have told me, “No, not yet" silently, painstakingly i wait as You pause to savor Your control over Your slave. How i love hating You for this torture. You turn me away from You and i feel Your hardness as You press against me, knowing all to well that i do not share Your ability to control the feelings you elicit in me. While spreading open my legs.....You tell me to place the palms of my hands on the floor, leaving me and vulnerable to You in everyway, knowing that there is no need to bind my cuffs as i am helpless to do anything expect anticipate Your next command and obey You ,for You have already bound my soul and leaving is no longer an option. You know that i have reached subspace and You are now satisfied that You have the total and ultimate control known only by a true Master. You rub the head of Your cock against my clit, teasing me without mercy until i cry out. It is now that Your thoughts turn to Your own pleasure and You enter me pushing hard, forcing Your cock deep inside of me knowing that using me to satisfy Your need will satisfy mine and we will be complete. Cynthia