Phone Sex

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What kind of man wouild call up a girl, pay her, just so she can ingore him? Hmmm? A fucking idiot, and I guess that is why you are reading this now. What are you waiting for? I could be ignoring you right now. You could be listening to me wash my hair, or flirt with the construction workers outside, or maybe even getting other boys off... anything but paying attention to you... tsk tsk.

Hi guys! I'm Bailey, I'm eighteen years old and sorta new to this whole phone sex thing. I have a friend who has been doing it for a couple of months and she is showing me the ropes. I just graduated high school back in June and I want to earn some extra money so I can get my own place and move out of the basement of my parents house. I swear it's like a prison in here, ughh. My family pretty strict, and if they only knew what I was doing they would go through the fucking roof. So, what they won't know wont hurt them.

I have had several boyfriends behind thier back, and a couple one night stands down by the lake...hee hee. It's a small town, so it's pretty cool when strangers visit. I want to get out there and explore everything there is, sexually speaking. I want to fuck as many men as possible and be a dirty fuck whore, while my family still believes me to be as pure as the driven snow.

I should warn you, I have a very innocent sounding voice, to say the least, but I promise you, Im not innocent at all. My boyfriends love it when I dress up in knee highs and a pleated skirt, and they love it even more when I cry out their name in my sweet lil voice, begging them to fuck me harder.