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toi awaits You --- Amuse Yourself with her!

New!!! toi has started her journal once more. If You missed it before she is recapping the beginning for Your reading pleasure and she posted to it this morning.
toi's Journal

my Lord and i have been traveling over the past two years and are once again in a location and place where there should be time for me to be online and start back on my journal for His pleasure and amusement as well as Yours.

The pictures seen here are older but soon i do hope to add some more that are more recent once Master chooses which i may publish. In the mean time for those of You who are new to me and my Lord allow me to introduce myself and Him.

Master thoroughly enjoys experimenting and at times finds His ideas from some of You. Sometimes Your suggestions lead Him in a totally different path then You might have intended but that is His choice. Afterward He always has me post something here. i look forward to once more amusing You per His wishes.

Dressed per my Lord's desires to clean His home.

As always my time here is at His command and discretion.

Until next time...
Respectfully, toi

Take time to find out more about me on my main page: toi

my name is toi, and i await Your call so i can please You and my Lord.

i'm Your puppet
Pull the chain attached to my nipples and i'll wink at You,
i'm Your puppet
i'll do humiliating things if You want me to,
i'm Your puppet
i'll be Yours to tease and torture....
...You've got full control of Your puppet
Pull another chain attached to the clamp on my cl*t and i'll kiss Your...,
i'm Your puppet
Snap Your finger and i'll...,
i'm Your puppet
Your every wish is mine to obey
All You gotta do is signal
i'm Your puppet, i'm Your puppet
i'm just a toy, just a funny toi
That makes You laugh when You're blue
i'll be wonderful, do just what i'm told
i'll do anything for You
i'm Your puppet, i'm Your puppet
Pull them little strings..., i'm Your puppet
Make me do right or make me do wrong,
i'm Your puppet
Treat me good and i'll do anything
i'm just a puppet and
You hold my leash,
i'm Your puppet
Yeah, i'm Your puppet
Kneeling, crawling, talking, living...,puppet
i'm kneeling with my leash between my teeth...,
i'll do anything now
i'm a kneeling, crawling, talking, obedient puppet...,
...when You want me....
i'm Your toi!

Come pull toi's strings and see what You can make her do for Your amusement!