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Always Easy

Anita will do or say anything

Always Easy Anita

Always Easy

Anita, bobita, fofita, fee-fi-fo-fita... let's do Anita! I'm all for that. I love sex and cannot get enough. I don't want a boyfriend or any kind of committed relationship. Most people do not understand when people say they want the option of sleeping around with whomever they want. And that's what I want so that's why I don't tangle myself in a relationship... I just tangle myself in your sheets!

Sex is incredible and I love the variety I can get. I cannot discriminate against any man because I love them all - short, tall, skinny, fat, rich, poor, dumb, smart - you put a man in front of me and I can make him cum. The only question is who cums first or do we just cum together.

Sure, that makes me easy, but at least I'm honest. I'm not one of these women pretending to be innocent, trying to prove something. Sex is natural and I want lots of it. I am cautious, safe and careful so that's all that matters.

Just call me your big easy because if you call me at all I guarantee you'll be calling again and we'll both be getting off. Mmmmmmmm... the sound of a man cumming makes me wet just thinking about it. Call me!!!