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Naughty Ann

Submissive sex nymph eager to please

I'm just a little country girl all grown up!

Hi! I'm Ann and I just moved to San Francisco from a tiny little town and I can't believe how big the city is or how many men there are here! I was pretty sheltered growing up, the youngest of 5 and the only girl. My brothers were always protective so I never really had the chance to go out on dates. After my father caught me in the barn sucking off his best friend they tried to keep me pretty sheltered, but times have changed and now I am off to college in the big city! My parents think I have grown and matured and how right they are!!

From the first day of my art class my all teachers have known I was "special." How was I to know you were supposed to draw the whole naked man? I just took initiative and drew my favorite part! My teacher seemed shocked to see a giant penis in my sketchbook, probably even more shocked to see there were a few imaginative sketches of her in there as well, but I must have done well because she pulled me into the supply closet after class and we had a threesome with the model. I always knew I loved giving head, but I never knew how much I was going to enjoy eating pussy. I think my favorite place in the world is on my knees.

That night I showed what I learned to my dorm mates and we've decided Wednesday night is "Ladies Night" in the dorms from now on. The guys think we're doing our hair and nails, but little do they know we eat each other out and finger each other until we're exhausted. My other teachers know what a little slut I am now. My Math teacher tried to take liberties with me by sliding his hand up the back of my skirt when I was bending over his desk. I showed him! I made him make me cream twice before I let him spray cum over my face and tits. HA! The swim coach told me she wanted me to try out for the team tomorrow afternoon, but she told me I didn't need a swim suit. I know 4 other girls were invited to "try out" for the team. One of them is a virgin. Do you think I'll get to pop her cherry with my tongue?