Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Heart to Heart Connection
Freedom to give and receive LOVE Yearning to hold and be held
Persmission to let go of control
And delicious tender moments that transcend rational boundries
and TOUCH their souls.

Fabulous sensual sex isn't about how many partners you've had or how often you have intercourse
to achieve orgasm. Researchers have declared that almost half of us are dysfunctional.
But in my years of practice and as a researcher I have learned that sensual sex is more than performance.
Our sexual energy isn't limited to the bedroom behind closed doors, its with us all the time.
It affects our energy, health, self-esteem, our relationships and how we relate to the world.

"Sensual Sex isn't everything but it is a part of everything."
How can you open yourself up to the heart and soul of sex- the kind that rocks
your whole being and fills you with wonder and awe!!!!
It's a matter of connecting body, mind, heart and spirit and letting go.
Listen to your body, its smarter than you think.

Open your mind.
Speak to your heart.
Connect sensuality with sex and spirit.

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