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Bodacious Beauty

I'm open minded and quite imaginative




My name is Brittany. I'm between high school and college, trying to make a little money to put away for school. A friend told me about this, and it sounded like a lot of fun.

I might look kind of innocent, but I'm not. I lost my virginity to my dad's boss, when he was driving me home from babysitting for him. Since then, I've always liked older men, and it's also been fun to see how uncomfortable he is now whenever I'm around.

I haven't really had a lot of steady boyfriends, but I have had a lot of sex. I fucked the captain of the football team after he won the big game - I *am* the head cheerleader, after all, I'm supposed to keep school spirit UP. I gave a blow job to the star pitcher after a no-hitter. THe captain of the chess club was REALLY surprised at what he got after our school won the state tournament. There have been lots of others, too. There was the editor of the yearbook - there's a reason why there are so many pictures of me in there, there was the math tutor who got more than just my rapt attention, and then there were the teachers, too. It's amazing how good your grades get when you'll go the extra mile to show how willing you are to learn.

I also like girls. I had my first girl-on-girl experience with my best friend's older sister. My friend and I were having a slumber party but she got sick, so I ended up in her sister's room instead, and well, we talked about sex, then started kissing and feeling each other up and the next thing you know she had her face in my snatch and I was cumming and cumming. We spent the night having 69 and since then we sneak off whenever we can and put our fingers inside each other's pussies. I've played with a couple of other girls since, too.

So, why don't you give me a call. We can talk about anything you like, or I'll tell you about what I like, but you have to promise not to be shocked, ok?