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Brown-Eyed Girl

Anything goes with me - so call me now


I'm a dark-haired beauty with big eyes, contagious laugh and a hunger for knowledge. I'm ready to conquer the world and make a difference in someone's life. Perhaps in many lives. I find great pleasure in making people smile and laugh, sharing and giving, and genuinely being nice to people.

I'm tender-hearted, sensitive, emotional and a goof-ball of a romantic. I cry during movies or when I read a good book. I laugh out loud and blush deeply when people turn to look at me. I hum to myself and sing in the shower. I'm somewhat dingy and don't always get the joke until minutes after everyone else. I have a definite sweet and endearing quality about me.

And yet...

I'm hungry for so much more. I want to experience the joys of sex. I desire to explore the paths that I was taught were not to be taken. I want to be free and uninhibited so that I can release all of my pent-up sexual frustration. After all, I am a woman. Isn't that a very natural thing to want? Isn't it natural for a woman to ache to be freed from her own bondage and those that society puts on her? Isn't it the most beautiful thing when man and woman come together? I believe so.

I literally tremble when I think about the sexual acts that we can perform together. I get weak in the knees and wet between my legs when I think about becoming your hot little slut.

And yet, here I sit... alone... just waiting for you to call me. Don't you want to teach me?

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