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I am Daivani.
I am not your Mistress and I am not your Princess.
I am your Divine Diva.

There is a reason you are looking at this listing and we both know what it is, don't we?

I bet you are one of those guys who uses money to compensate for the fact that your tiny dick doesn't measure up to the standards of satisfying a REAL woman. Or else you are one of those guys that just "knows" his pretty little wife or sexy girlfriend is out having a good old time at your expense. She's getting pleased by a REAL MAN while you stay home washing her panties? You're probably one of those guys that sits at home alone in front of the computer constantly stroking your teeny weeny dick like it's a pussy. What do you know about stroking pussy anyways? Sad isn't it?

We have a name for guys like you.
You probably hear it all the time, isn't that right?

Now what makes you truly pathetic is the fact that you are going to call and tell Me how much of loser you are. I know that hearing my wicked laughter that you feel a little flutter in your dick. Oh and I will Laugh! Because you crave the humiliation, laughing and teasing from this Perfect and Superior Divine Diva. I get a twisted sense of pleasure knowing exactly how easy it is to get inside that weak minded head of yours. In no time I'll have you whining and begging for my attention. But you'll recieve my attention the only way you know how.... by PAYING for it.

Because you and I both know
Losers Always have to Pay!