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Princess Velvet

Entertain Princess Velvet or I will ignore you!!!!

You crave the attention of a real Princess?

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You are used to being ignored by random pretty girls everywhere because you are a loser... Call me and I will ignore you too! You can TRY to entertain Me. Prove to Me you are a real man and I might just talk to you!!! But we both know that you are just a weak little boy that needs My attention so bad that you will just call this line and listen to what I am doing so you can pretend you are here!

You can beg and plead for my attention, but do know that you called Me and interrupted whatever I was doing. If I stop doing whatever you interrupted Me doing, it will only be long enough to remind you how pathetic you are!

If you call and I am already on a call then you are really lucky! That means that you get the honor of holding until I am done ignoring and making fun of the sissy boy I already have on the phone, then it will be your turn! You know that you need Me to ignore you so call now!

When you call Me you shall address Me as Princess Velvet and state that you want to be ingored so it is clear you understand that this is an ignore line! Failure to do so could result in Me ending the call!!! You have been warned you pathetic loser!

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Any of you losers who spoil Me with at least $75 will get a whole blog post about you and how I shall spend your money! Please tell Me in the email if you want your name mentioned or not!
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