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Sadie Ruins You

Sadie Ruins You

I am Sadie, boys! A 24 year old from the Sunshine State into piercings, tats, loud ass bands, and other chicks. Yup, I am a total lesbian and no this doesn’t mean I am bisexual for the right guy! I honestly don’t like dick at all! I actually find them repulsive! I only fuck and date Women because I feel they are the Superior sex. I am rather Dominant so I am normally the Top in most of my relationships or when out partying and sport fucking.

It’s so sad how some of you can’t even form a complete sentence when you have a stiffy! I guess all that blood rushes from your brain into that pathetic and useless prick and your IQ drops like 80 pts! Lucky for you that’s when I step in and take control of every aspect of your miserable life! It’s entertaining to see the lengths to which you will go to seek my approval and to get my attention when you become one of my sluts ! Even knowing full well that I don’t even like men so you have no chance with me! Hahaha. It all just goes to prove my point that Women are so much higher up in the evolutionary ladder!

Want to be emasculated? Be feminized and turned into a lil sissy faggot? Be forced to suck cock and beg to have your ass pounded by my strap on cock? Learn that your place is at the feet of Superior women like me? That you are nothing more then my lil puppet and cash pig?

Then pick up that phone, biaaaatch! I will ruin you so that no girl will ever want to date your sorry ass! Not after where your mouth has been and especially when she finds out that her lil cunnie hole is tighter then your ass is! Hahaha.

CALL ME AT: 1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT. 01-84-725-2

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