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Sienna Lace

T-Girl Supermodel Gone Bad, Real Bad

Hello, my name is Sienna Lace! For the past four years, I have worked internationally as a model for various runway, print, and internet projects. My best friends say I specialize in Getting in the Way and Making Life More Interesting. Truly transgendered individuals -- people who are genetically one sex but can focus themselves as another -- are a rarity in today's world. And sometimes being in the middle gives one the best of both worlds. Men who are drawn to the ambiguity and couples looking for a new flavour to share with each other are some of my favourite friends.

Not many of the producers who hire me for runway work even know about my 7" secret. Only two have found out so far, and each of them fucked me after the show. And again the next time we worked together. Then again when I was in town visiting photographers. (I can be such a slut sometimes). Now I get work calls from them 2-3 times a year; which is hardly enough to keep me satisfied :-)

But the transformation of Sienna from supermodel to superwhore is what this is all about... and it didn't take long. Once I started accepting jobs from the men I was fucking, it was only a small step to sleep with the jewelry designer who made a stunning necklace for me. Then the Concierge of a hotel I stayed in, who had a thing about getting blowjobs from models in the back maintenance stairway. (I think he wanted it on the security cam, but that just made me harder thinking about it.) I got a $150 bottle of champagne sent up to the room for my efforts.

Soon I established a regular rate, got some business cards printed, and became a whore first class, working for an agency that demanded all of my attention. My agency introduced me to many different circles in the fashion world... elite groups of men (and women) that sleep with the models they hire. The concierges in the hotels I visit when I travel also refer clients to me. (Whenever I go to Montreal, if I don't tell them that I'm not working, I'll spend the whole time I'm there satisfying an endless stream of men that come to my door.)

They love me because I exercise regularly and am smooth, trim, and toned. My legs are long and feel *great* wrapped around your back. Plus, I haven't started hormone therapy yet, so I'm still functional. (And I never tire of seeing a man who *thought* he was straight, bobbing up and down on the end of my cock like he's never tasted anything so sweet. Maybe he hasn't.) I provide an unforgettable time; I may look like a lady, but I'm a complete slut on the inside. I make your pleasure, my pleasure.

What could be better than sharing my stories with all of my NiteFlirt friends? It lets me confess my sins, get some ideas for new ones, and help pay for the next transformation I will undergo. I love the men (and women) that come to me for inspiration, they help make my crazy life possible.

The pace of my modelling career and hectic schedule does not allow me the freedom to develop relationships. I also can't show my face or use any of my portfolio shots for the public photos on this site -- only to NiteFlirt friends who ask nice. (But I assure you... unlike more than a few of the T-Girls around here... it is really me in the photos.) I find that only the most generous men can often get my attention. Being the best at what I do gives me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people and enjoy their companionship with no strings attached. I simply enjoy sex; I love to fuck, and I can never get enough. Drop me a line if you want explore my world... I promise a great ride.