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Women are temporal representations of Divinity. They are forms of the Goddess Incarnate and have much to teach the males of this world.

As a female, I am fully aware of my power. Whether I choose to use it for good or wicked ends...well, that just depends on my mood.

I do so enjoy males in all their variations and designs. While I consider myself a feminist, I appreciate men and often find them to be intriguing and inspiring, though perhaps not for the reasons one might think.

Most of all, I appreciate males who are not afraid to embrace a practice of feminine worship or matri-centric lifestyle. For some this is is carried out in submission and service to a female of worth, and for others, this may manifest in adopting a feminized persona.

If you're curious about cultivating a relationship with the Feminine or learning more about what matri-centric attitude can do to enhance your existence, then signing on for my Sacred Femininity seminar is a step in the right direction. I will school you in basic philosophy and thought, and assign you tasks to complement our sessions. Should your desire align with acquiring a more feminine persona for yourself, I can aid you in this process as well.

I have an educational background and professional work experience in counseling and advocacy. I especially enjoy working with clients in developing individualized lesson plans to help your feminization dreams become a reality. If you aren't able to coordinate phone sessions, feel free to contact me about paid email training and assignments. Serious students need only apply.