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Awe Inspiring Manipulation & Blackmail Program

Blackmail is fun, for me anyway. You just get stuck earning my many tributes so you can pay and pay for keeping your silly straight world intact. Now, I could not take advantage of you if you weren't so fucking straight laced. So you can either serve me in public -- amusing me with your humiliation in front of everyone you know -- or you pay the ultimate price to serve me in private with extortion profits as I push you to even more perverted acts, carefully documented to increase my leverage. Escape is hopeless once I have you bound in blackmail. You will give up all control and finally learn to serve, or suffer very public humiliations

I have you totally figured out and I profit off what I know every single day. On and on, I am slowly ruining all you tiny dicked freaks because you can't even jerk your pathetic thumb of a cock by yourself any more because I have your mind. All I have to do is to send you some stupid Cock Stroking Summons, or some asshole Penis Tax Assessment and you pay up like an idiot. that little thumb costs you by the erection, not by the inch or the orgasm. You are such a loser. All the time. Everywhere, every day. You can't cum without hearing me laugh at your futile efforts. Even now, you are beating your meat until it is bright red from all the FRICTION you are putting it through all the time thinking about my ass right over your head and your tongue between my ass cheeks. You still can't cum until you call me and PAY ME UP FRONT. I have brainwashed you stupid until you'll do anything, fuck anything, to get my consent to let you squirt in my presence. You are an idiot and I know it. I throw parties on your money. I have no respect for you at all. I may even send this to you again and again just to show that to you. You really are dumb enough to buy again and again. I don't care if this shit ruins you and your retirement plans. I don't care if you lose that big house. I don't care - I really do not care.

I love the way the leverage always gets me what I want. Taking applications for blackmail slaves TODAY!

Miss Kathy’s amusements include: anal plugs, ass worship, being served and obeyed, blackmail, forced bi sexual, bondage, foot worship, brainwashing, CBT, chastity, domestic service sissy maids, clamps, cock rings, cock cages, cock whipping, cock worship faggot slaves, collars, total power exchange, corsets, cross-dressing, cuckold, cuffs, dildo training, dirty stories (yours and mine), forced chastity, cum denial, exhibitionism, financial domination, gags, male harems, pony, high heel worship, humiliation, ice cubes, blackmail interrogation, blackmail mistress, lingerie, panty hose, mind control, brainwashing, oral rimming, orgasm control, orgasm denial, OTK, discipline, outdoor sex, spanking, piercing, public exposure, pussy worship, riding crops, cock rings (piercings), sleep deprivation, strap on, cum swallowing, cum eating, tattoos, relentless teasing.


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