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English Annie

Giantess and Domination Fantasies!

The incredible

Will I secretly slip a potion into your drink and watch you disappear before MY very eyes.. toying with you and slipping you into my panties or bra, maybe even smothering you in my cleavage,lol..Or, do I have the power to grow to 50 feet..Crushing and Stomping everything in my path, especially you!

Is it VORE that you crave? I will be more than happy to explore that with you as long as you are a tasty morsel.


Here is what a happy little man had to say after our chat..

Hi Annie, thanks again for a really amazing fantasy...You were asking if I had a good time...I can't help but keep thinking about it...the way you accused me of bossing you around...calling out "fee fie fo fum" as you chased me around the Museum... (haha you knew I had a weakness for that story!) Holding me in your hand and threatening me with your giant fingernail...dangling me from your nipple...oooh! threatening to sit on me with your shapely bottom, that gave me shivers...using me as your little sex toy...listening to you have the world's biggest orgasm...laughing at being so big the idea of being taken to a hospital was absurd...not to mention growing big enough to put me on the roof of a skyscraper so that you could be very very naughty, how you talked down to everyone and called them ants...Yeah I loved it, every moment of it. Thanks again for a glimpse into your wonderful wicked world...take care!


Once in every thousand years a Queen is born of such incredible stature.

A Giantess

And all the lands tremble with the slightest suffering that she may endure~as does my heart.

How I long to suffer at her hands, so that I may be witness to her profound and perfect carnage.

And if I survive, plead to be her pet~So willing to defend, serve or even die for that which will always be unattainable.

Mistress Annie.


Watch for my recording "A Fright at the Museum"..