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CUM out and PLAY...BE the toy!!!

Be MY toy and you'll love it when I dress you up in total gutterslut drag. TIGHT thong holding down your little wee wee. Tightness going up your asscrack, pushing up against your cherry butthole.
I'll LOVE playing with my new're going out tonight my little bitch. you will be assuming your position in life...On your KNEES!! I will take you to the lollipop park, or maybe the gloryhole ho'down,where you can get down on that cum covered floor where you belong, where you can strut your stuff and get the back of your throat jammed.
Or maybe tonight will be the night you get your ass cherry popped?
I may go in with you, and watch as those ruby red lips part and I see a huge cock slide between them.
I LOVE to watch, I love to watch my sweet little boytoy slut take it ALL for Me.

So lick that sissy sauce off your fingers, and pick up the phone, so we can get you all tarted up.
I will instruct you on wearing it well, and when that big dick is ramming up against the back of your mouth pussy I will dare you to gag.
OH, did you get a tip?...I'll take that.
you don't think it belongs to you, do you?

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you shall love doing this for me....that's My good dirty slut.

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