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Mistress Georgina

Genuine English Sadistic Bitch, bow at My feet!

I am first and foremost a Lifestyle Mistress, although I do also engage in My time being Tributed. I have been a R/T Mistress now for over 7years. I went down the road of Domme Etiquette too, I was trained by a Mistress who Herself had been Lifestyle and Pro Domme for 18yrs. I was under Her tutelage for 2 years before becoming a solitary Mistress. So you see I have the knowledge, the know how and the experience of how your pathetic little minds work!! I also have plenty of experience of keeping you worms in line on the phone and cam. My expertise does not stop at R/T. I am one Hell of a Demanding English Bitch! I have a typical English accent with a large and varied vocabulary I use to put you in your place and make you stay there. Don't be fooled by My age either! Many have been and how wrong they where too! I started young and had these cravings since I can remember...I always put them to good use, even in the playground! Remember you are in MY PLAYGROUND now, with MY RULES and no Head Mistress/Master to hide behind, I AM THE HEAD MISTRESS BITCH rolled into one. you won't forget it either...I'm sure slut bitch! My talents are many, some extreme, some not so, I also love to rape a good money pig! Financial slavery makes! Don't be fooled though silly amounts will just make Me laugh at you and dismiss you! I enjoy a good roleplay too. I'm an intelligent Lady with many qualifications,an excellant brain, and wondrous imagination. I will put you right here with ME in your and My minds eye. It may be one of THE MOST explosive encounters you have EVER experianced on the phone! To add to that I have NO taboos! Just don't expect Me to always let you spank that filthy repulsive minute little monkey of yours! Good boys get even one thing wrong'll see won't you?? Just a bit about Myself now. I stand at a perfect 5'7...6' in My knee high boots. I am of the Cyber Gothic persuasion so have quite an alternative look about Me. My hair is always either in dreadlocks or straight dyed red or black, although I'm a natural auburn haired Lady. The redheads are ALWAYS the hottest most fiery ones! ; ) Two of My favourite things (Apart from of course, like most Ladies, being taken shopping!) is BOOTS & CORSETS! Mmmm Love them! If you are all good little worms maybe I will grace My page with a few boots pictures. ; ) That's enough about Moi for the moment then...want to know more? Have I whet you appetite? Want to speak to a REAL English Bitch? What the Hell are you waiting for then!!!!!!!!