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Domina Alexis

I will take no less than all of you

I know about men like you. I know what they want, what they secretly are. I know everything.

Want to know more about me?

Listen. Yearn. Crave. Obey.

My fetishes include: Teasing and denial, bondage, strap- on training and worship, masturbation and orgasm control (very simple concept: you don¹t cum unless I say you cum), cuckolding (especially if you are a pathetic excuse for a man with a laughably tiny dick that could never satisfy me) while I bring home lover after lover. YOU get to wait on us, watch us helplessly, and if you beg nicely enough, lick me clean. The men I cuckold you with are dominant and never under 10 inches. I have especially beautiful feet and own such a large collection of sexy high heels and boots that I had a slave build a special area in my closet just for them. My preferred method of keeping my boots clean? Figure it out, my little man.
I am especially interested in chastity devices and cock and ball torture. I haven't gotten to achieve my fantasy of permanently locking a cock up in a chastity device, but I've had relationships where I've kept my lucky slave's manhood caged and under my total power and control (with me as the only key holder) for as long as six delicious months. Combine that with the fact I am probably the biggest tease you will ever meet. (laughs)

Feminization, especially if I need to force you, is a favorite. I love to strip men of every shred of their masculinity, turning them into my sluts and maids. I savor Financial Domination. ­ Surely you don't expect a woman like me to be content with anything but the best? Not only do you pay my bills and buy me pretty things to wear on my dates with REAL men, you do EVERYTHING for me. Think about those words, slave, EVERYTHING. Everything about you, MINE.

I am proud of my Swedish/German heritage and fascinated how Dominant German women are. They rule their husbands, the same way I will rule you.

Real time service is a possibility for those who earn it or that I have a special connection with. I am not a professional but rather a lifestyle Domina. If you fall for me, beware. I will enslave you. (EVERYTHING.)

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