Phone Sex

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I know not every one of you financial slaves is the same. There is a different tilt to each of you. But it all comes out to the same thing in the end. You work. I play. You work. You give me money. You work to give me money. I spend it in wise or frivilous ways. I spend. You work. You work. I work too damnit. You think spending money is a walk in the park? Of course not. Spending money requires skill, concentration and taste. Do you know how blinding it is to shop for diamonds? How utterly draining it is to look fabulous in outfit after outfit? Do you have any idea how flaky Massage Therapists can be? How much Art is out there that needs to be in my home? The number of polish colors offered when getting a pedicure? 800 or 1000 thread count cotton sheets? Uh... and pesky mundane bills like phone, gym, utilities(I mean really)that I have to write checks for and balance my checkbook after I write? Oh... the responsibility. Even with all that I still have to interact with you... however minimally. Yes, you go to your little job and give me the money I need to do my very important work. I am so exhausted. *Sigh* Really... I would be so much better if you only worked harder.

You don't have to bother me by even calling you know. Simply request a bill to pay by clicking here.

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