Phone Sex

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I look the picture of innocence at times and I surprise most men because I can't get enough humiliation. I love it when you degrade me and call me names. There's a siren of natural, raw lust that goes off inside of me and I instantly become this beautiful piece of slut flesh just for your put-downs and I get extremely wet.

Tell me how fat or how ugly I am. Line me up and shoot toy dart guns at me. Put me on my knees, naked and vulnerable while you call me a nasty whore. If you invite your friends over, it's a thrill to serve them and I shrink a little every time one of them pinches my nipples or ass. And yet, my cunt juice will be running down my inner thigh. If you slip your hand between my legs you will feel how wet I am. I'd love for you to fuck me with your fingers while your friends watch and you tell me what a wet, messy slut I am. When I have cum over and over and you treat me as a stupid, non-thinking nothing I couldn't be happier. I'm smiling inside when you tell me all I'm good for is a cheap, sleazy fuck.

At the end of the night when you've made me suck off all of your friends and I am spent with their cum painted all over my body and my mind is spaced from all the degradation, you will find the most humbled and serene woman. I drift off to such a peaceful place, such a perfect place. It is a beautiful place when I'm called names and left not having to think about anything but doing as you wish, fulfilling my desire to be humiliated and used, just to be tossed aside until the next time you have a need. Do you have needs now?