Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

It amazes and amuses me what a hot girl like me can to do to a macho, football watching, beer guzzling man like you! The men that call me and think they are going to turn me into a submissive. I mean, really? Lol!

It doesn't take me much time for a new caller to find out that they ALREADY are my bitch! You see, I already know that you secretly want to wear a pair of stolen panties, while looking at a Victoria's Secret catalog wanting to look like one of the models! That's the whole thing, isn't it? YOU'RE A GIRL! And, you don't want anyone to know it. But, I know it, don't I?

So, do you have faggy issues? I love when a guy tells me he doesn't like guys, but wants to suck a tranny's cock! Seriously? I mean, what the fuck. It's still a cock, and if you want a cock, you're faggy! LOL!

Do you finger your male-pussy and pretend it's that hot UPS delivery guy? You do, don't you! You look at gay porn on the internet, right? Yeah, you do. When you go to the gym, you linger longer than necessary in the locker room. You stare at the hot, naked bodies in the shower, then rush into the bathroom to jerk off quickly. Right?

You see, you aren't fooling anyone, especially me! So, if you can handle me forcing you out of the sissy closet, call me. I'm going to make fun of you. I'm going to point out the obvious to everyone but you - you are a dress-up sissy faggot. You're not fooling anyone, especially me!

Now grab a box of Kleenex before you call me, because you're either going to cum or cry or both when I get finished with you.

You know this is what you need!...........

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