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I was born a only child and was always ” Daddies little Girl ” as far as how I was treated in my family. I got what I wanted, when I wanted basically all throughout my life. Now some people might look down towards that type of upbringing. If anything it has just made me more successful in life. I am goal orientated and quite the go-getter. I mean even my own Dad called me “Princess” I guess you could say I was born into royalty. *giggles*

As I got a little older I started noticing that boys were paying ALOT of attention to me. I also noticed that I could do whatever I wanted and they would still be nice to me and do whatever I said no matter how bad I treated them. Soon enough I had guys doing my homework and buying Me things…even though I had NO interest in them what so ever. I am also quite the trouble maker and I dont know how many relationships I ruined just by teasing helpless boys into thinking they could date Me…only to find once they dumped their girlfriends that there was no way in hell they were even getting near me.

Ive always had a knack for fashion, and high quality items. I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well. Deep down I knew Id always be a ” rich bitch ” at heart so I just ended up going with it. So aside from some soul searching and a college degree, I know where I belong in life. That means having little wimps like you jump through hoops to make ME happy and MY life comfortable. There isn’t a bigger turn on for Me than knowing that I have COMPLETE control over a helpless male that is just so completely in love and adored with me and would so anything to be with Me