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Goddess Christina to you girlie girls, and boys who need my guidance. I like to control you and make you into my naughty sluts. I need your obedience. You are to do as I say, if you are to please me. I am a naughty 23 year old Goddess, and I am used to having my way with naughty boys.

I like to dress boys up as girls. As you see I love to wear very sexy lingerie. When you come to my house, that is what I will have you wear for me. I like dressing you up, and making you the best you can be. Panties, bras, hormones whatever it will take. Feminization is very important to me. I like being superior to you, in every way.

Usually my girlie boys have little dicks, which make me laugh hard. I know you can't help being small and pathetic. You already know that you will never be able to satisfy me, as I prefer a real man. I become sexy and all warm inside when I think of a man with a huge cock, that really gets my juices flowing. I like big cocks, large black cocks and guys that spend lots of cash on me. If you think you are man enough for me, then I would love to fuck you. But if you are a whimp with a little dick, then get ready for my giggles and laughter.

I also enjoy guiding your masturbation. I like knowing that you are calling with your dick in hand, and need my instructions. I like to be in control of your cock, and I don't have a problem with making your cock my cock, and totally controlling and owning you, during our sessions.

For the more pathetic, I like to use CBT, (cock and ball torture). I also like to spank you, if you are a naughty boy, and if you don't obey me. Those of you with sounds, and chastity devices can feel free to call me, as I am harsh and feel no mercy for you. If you want denial, let me know in advance.

I like sexy lingerie, generous men, and guys with big cocks, I am amused by little dicks and sissy boys, who like to please me. If you are any of these, then call me, I surely will be the new Princess of your cock! I would like to own you as one of my very own sissy wankers.

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