Phone Sex

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How does it feel to be worth less than nothing? you cant even pay a woman to talk to you. you offer her money and its still not enough. its almost as if u dont even exist ...

how pathetic it must be to be you, not enough money in the world would get a woman to spend time talking to you. so your pathetic ass is going to give me your money to hear what a real person who has friends and a love life does. take notes. maybe one day someone will let u speak a few words to them, but u would probly fuck it up anyway.

you never know what your gonna hear when u call me . i might be listening to music, i might be taking another call, or maybe im fucking someone, maybe my friends r here and we r laughing about how pathetic u r to pay money to call and be ignored.

so what are you waiting for? call now and hear what a real life sounds like!!! hahahahaha.