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These are just a few of the fantasies i get turned on by.
Most were inspired by dirty Callers like You.

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This school is too good to be true! It’s FREE and will get girls into the Ivy League school of their dreams. But how could it be free? Well, the school raises their funds through auctions… of any students who score poorly or violate rules. Students never know when their name may be called over the loudspeaker, but they quickly learn the drill after seeing it happen to some of their classmates: two security guards will ask her to strip (or forcibly strip her) out of her uniform and escort her to the principal’s office. He has the honor of delivering a ceremonial spanking. Then she is taken to a cell in the basement until the monthly auction. A perk for the faculty, who are all men (of course), is playing in the basement whenever they wish-- their cum supplements her diet of bread, water and vitamins that keep her pussy tight and body looking its best. And auction day comes: the girls are on display for the buyers, strip club owners, pimps, wealthy business men and average Joes who are looking for a new employee, whore, maid, sex toy or pet. And the girls stay on their toes even at graduation… if the school doesn’t meet it’s operating costs at the end of the year they’ll just pull girls out of line in their cap and gown!

Story header Trading Up
In a dramatic turn away from traditional laws and cultural values just a few years in the future, a chain of stores have now come into existence where men can “trade up.” Much like a car dealership where you can turn in your used car or get it appraised and sell it to receive a discount on a newer model with more bells and whistles, this store allows You to trade in Your daughter (who’s always costing You money for college and making trouble) or wife (who you’ve simply become bored with) for a fully trained submissive sex toy of your dreams. Simply bind, gag and turn in Your “old model,“ who of course will be trained and eventually put on the sales floor and You can browse the display cases and cages of naked merchandise or even place a special order that fits your exact specifications. Imagine the possibilities! There’s also an adjoining boutique where you pick out any clothing, toys, or supplies you might need (just like buying a new puppy). And upon checking out you’re given your warrantee, manual (with all the commands and uses for your new purchase).

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