Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hey Babe,

I am Lyndee!

I love to know all of your deep dark secrets. I am a hot Canadian bitch that will love for you to teach me anything that I don't know about. If there is something that I have no clue about I am very, very willing to learn anything and everything that you would like to teach me.

Everyone's version of nasty is different so don't call me and say what is the nastiest thing that you have ever done. For one I haven't actually done to many different things at all. I have been with my common-in-law boyfriend since I was 18 and he didn't let me go out much. But I do have alot of fantasies, some of them might not be the kind of nasty that you like but some of them just might be. hehehe Let me know what your version of nasty is, when you call me or send me an email.

Call me to tell me what you want and I am willing to please. hehehe

If I am on Arrange A Call that will mean that he is around but I will be able to sneak a call in without him knowing, hehehe. Or else it will mean that someone is here but I will be able to have a hot call with you in the privacy of my bedroom.

If I am on Email me then go ahead and do that. I may not be able to have a call or else I am having my beauty sleep.

If I am on Alert Me of Calls, I will usually answer it, it just may be that I am a little bit busy that is all.