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It all started back in high school, or maybe before that. Too much sitting around reading and watching TV and not enough exercise led to me being overweight. By the time I arrived in college,I had resolved to shed some of those extra pounds. I went on a diet, then another; soon most of the pounds dropped away. But, no matter how much flab vanished from my body, my rear remained large, round, and soft. I was reasonably happy with the rest of my new body: big boobs, shapely legs, soft and smooth skin. But my huge ass caused happiness to elude her. Shopping for new clothing was a chore, finding the right clothes that minimized my enormous buttocks.I became depressed one time, reached for the chocolate bars with almonds, and binged out a couple of days, before realizing that I just had to work with the assets I had. I had to try to stop worrying about my enormous ass. At least my ass, for its size, was soft and silky, a creamy cushion of flesh. I accepted that whatever outfit I wore would do little to de-emphasize the magnitude of my problem. I was not about to give up improving my appearance. I worked out at the gym, trying different programs, but my ass remained the same humongous size, perhaps a bit tighter I remained deeply ashamed of my posterior, but hoped that the balance of my curvy body would accomplish my goal, to meet a nice guy. Being self-conscious, whenever I went out in public, I believed all eyes were on my disproportionate ass. I felt shame again and again, but no exercise corrected MY problem and only increased I gluteal firmness. Daily ass checks affirmed that my buttoccal problem remained undiminished. I spent my Saturdays in the college library, keeping ahead of my courses. A fellow student from my Sociology class passed me several times. He paused at last at my table and exchanged a few pleasant, banal remarks about the course, the college, and the weather.