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Feisty Little Becca

Time to worship the Feistiest Princess EVER

Do you think you’re good enough to serve this Mistress? You think you got what it takes, little man? I am a very demanding woman, I like things my way, or you can go fucking hit the highway! I have assumed my place as a Goddess among women; you will treat me with respect and courtesy. I truly believe that women are inherently superior to men, and live my life accordingly. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate men, in fact I adore men. I simply have a more refined taste in what makes the perfect man. I prefer my men to be very supplicant, very pliable and bend easily to my will.

My standards for sluts like you very exacting. Some of you, frankly, won’t make the grade. I expect you to worship me. I expect to be the driving force in your pathetic existence. You will do as I command. You will be my puppet, I pull your strings. I suspect that when we initially speak, you will not be up to snuff so to speak, but that’s ok, few men are. I shall take it upon myself to train you and mold you into an object that is desirable.

This training might include but is not limited to: Behavior Modification Chastity/Orgasm Denial Humiliation Whippings/Beatings Face Sitting Cock and Ball Torture Anal Play -- *ahem* that’s with YOUR ass! Foot Worship Pussy Worship

I will decide to add to the list whatever I deem appropriate, got that? Good boy. You will serve me as I see fit, but be careful I may get inside your head. You may find yourself doing things about which you have only fantasized. You will likely get addicted to me and beg for more. For all you long term sluts, I relish in doling out homework assignments. Small hint: be prepared to be humiliated *LOL*

Buck up slut, you KNOW you want it! Just give into your submissive desires because this Mistress will so enjoy putting you through your paces!