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Grace Dynamite

I love the way stockings inspire your sensuality!

There are few fetishes in life that are more fun for a couple to explore together than crossdressing. I'm really surprised more women don't encourage their boyfriends to become pin-up princesses in pink panties and lipstick. In my opinion it can bring out the best in a man. :)

For several years I've been dating a guy (We'll call him Candy) who is a cute cross-dressing sissy with serious foot, shoe, and giant breast fetishes. At first I didn't entirely know how to incorporate it into our relationship even though I was comfortable with the notion. Candy didn't always want to have sex when dressed up but was certainly willing to be caressed quite a bit and model for the camera. (In fact, despite all of my perverted adventures I never realized that fetishes such as this didn't always translate to sexual arousal in a traditional sense until this year). However, when I am patient enough to seduce her ladylike sensibilities properly (I'm seriously aggressive when I want sex), we end up having the most amazing lesbian-ish sex. :)

Through our dress-up experiences, in fact, I learned how to be more ladylike! I gained a new appreciation for the sensuality of women's clothing and got my first corset (while he got another three, heehee). Candy owns more feminine shaping undergarments than I do and can hold his own in high, high heels. In fact, when I dance as a stripper or do sexy photo shoots I wear his first pair of stillettos.

Together we learned more about makeup, and since I already had a fetish for men in red lipstick I easily lusted after my Candy's lips in pink. (What's really twisted is that if the man wears lipstick with a goatee it turns me on more, go figure). Candy taught me how to walk in heels and how to care for my hair and skin.

I'm so jealous of his hair! It comes down to the middle of his waist and it is so long and thick! I love to watch him have a sensuality-gasm when he's brushing it while we're bathing. :) I learned how to french braid just to style his hair, and I fell in love with him more when I saw a picture of a friend adorning my man's hair with flowers.

We've gone out in public together dressed up to social events and I'm certainly amused by the catcalls and looks we get. He often gets compliments from women we encounter. I'm proud to lock arms and go out like we're two girls about town. It certainly makes our lives more interesting!

So to the countless crossdressers out there, I completely understand where you're coming from and would love to explore this more with you. To me it's a totally normal part of my life, and it can be for you.

I aspire to help you feel more confident, clever, and sexy with your dress, demeanor, and deviance. Whether you're corset curious or have a closet full of clothes, I'm certain we can have quite an enchanting and sensual phone date! I am very descriptive and can guide you in exploring your fantastic fetish.