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Don't let the pretty smile and kitty fool you. I'm one spoiled little brat bitch. I like it My way - It's all about what I want from you :-). I love tease and denial, and as you can see with what a wonderful tight young body I have, it's pretty easy for Me to tease you. Of course I will always deny you any pleasure of ever really touching Me other than you being down on your knees kissing My sweet feet after you have crawled to me with your wallet in hand!

I like my little bitch boys to do stupid human tricks ( lol! ). I love to force you to suck cock; have you lay on your back while I look down at your open your mouth so I can spit on your face - you sure the hell do not deserve My Princess spit in your mouth!

Fill up your niteflirt account before calling this line, I expect you to spend at least $75-$100 otherwise why call?!


Public Humiliation:
oOo..One of my favorites. You get to wear a butt plug for the Princess while you are at work- HaHa. I will have you go spank your thingy in the public bathroom, maybe even have you hump the public toilet!

Corporal Punshiment, ball kicking, and CBT:
I know that I'm young, but I have an evil streak that runs deep to the very core of my soul. I love to swat you with my hair brushes, rulers, tree branches, and my paddle from when I was younger hahaha (damn I sure did get into a lot of trouble growing up!). I've been known to get boys in the nuts to. Anyone over 40 into ball kicking give me a call - I love to kick the fuck out of older men! I started playing with clothes pins when I was about 18, you know joking around sticking them on my boyfriends. I love to clamp them on their lips and tongue while I laugh. Well the last boy I did that to got scared and ran away. He said I was just "to much of a sadistic bratty bitch." Oh well, fuck him. What a lame jerk!

Pathetic stupid losers who give all their $$ to a Princess like me come crawl forth and spoil the one the only Goddess!