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My Dungeon

I am a finacial domination Mistress. I demand your respect you bad boy!! “My Dungeon”, is not for whimps and dickless wonders. It is however propared for those souls who know their place under the feet of a Dark Goddess and strive to please me. Once excepted as my slave they may or may not come to know my enter room wherein lies the sensual pleasures only the dedicated, strong hearted, submissive soul can withstand. There is nowhere your mind can take you that I cannot meet you there. My sexual appetite has never been able to be quenched…nor can the fire that burns within me. Think you can handle the heat? I doubt it. Prove it to me put your money where your mouth is…. or should I say, “Where you hope someday your mouth will be worthy enough to be…” Show me your strength, How much you can withstand. Does your body tremble to the desires of your mind? Are you afraid to express it? Within my Dungeon walls are many doors with locks to a thousand dreams. The stifled screams and moans are those uttered in pure ecstasy and carried out by Me with gifted precision. Spoil me enough and someday, eventually, I may lead you into my maze of ecstasy and unlock one of the thousand doors for you if it pleases me. Those who chose to serve me, serve me well.That is the price you must pay to lay upon this my "Dark Alter," of dream's were your submission is mine and mine alone alone.. So go and lay your offerings at my feet with gifts upon my alter. Then call me with out hast that I may receive you..possably??.

First you have to prove yourself to be worthy….You Best Do It NOW! Hear me you unworthy scum! DO IT NOW!